Steamed Clams
Steamed Clams
(serves 5-10)

5 lb. steamer clams
1 cup corn meal (can substitute corn or bran cereal)
1 large yellow onion

1. The most important step in preparing steamers, sweet without any sand, is to feed them their last meal! Spread clams in roasting type pan cover with minimum amount of cold water (ocean salt water is best if possible, but not at all necessary). Sprinkle corn meal generously all over clams making water cloudy, and place pan in refrigerator for at least 2 hours, prior to the cooking time (best at 24 hours, can be 48 hours with salt water).

2. In a pot, at least twice the size of the amount of clams to be cooked, put 1-1/2 to 2 inches of water, cover and place on high heat. Peel and slice onion to produce 1/4 inch wide rings, pull rings somewhat apart. Wash clams off with cold water, also rinsing bottom of pan well. After water has come to a boil, carefully add clams and onion and cover. Leave cover ajar to prevent broth boil over, and adjust cover as required, maintaining high heat. After water returns to a full boil, maintain boil for 5 minutes then remove pot from heat.

3. Serve clams in large bowl, covered with second bowl for shells. Also serve with a coffee cup of hot melted butter, and a coffee cup of hot broth water clams cooked in.

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